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IEL332T8120   /B
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Spec Sheet:

eBallast, Instant Start, 2 or 3 lamp, T8 (F32T8), HPF, 120Vac., Consumer Rated, -18C Min Start Temp


Robertson REI332T8120
Philips-Advance REL3P32SC
Osram-Sylvania QT3X32T8120ISNSC
Universal B332I120RHA
General Electric GE332120N
Keystone KTEB332LBF-1-TP-PIC
Espen VE332120HIP

Robertson Worldwide does not guarantee the accuracy of the cross references listed above. Please consult the spec sheet or technical details to verify the ballast will work for your applications before purchasing.

Lamp Type: T8
Number of Lamps: 3/2
Lamp Operation: Parallel
Product Type: Electronic
End of Life: N/A
Max Case Temp (°C): 75
Series: Performance Series
Version: 2
Remote Mounting (ft.): 18
Min. Start Temp (C): -18 (16 for Energy Saving Lamps)
Sound Rating: A
Standards: ANSI C62.41 , ANSI C82.11, ENERGY STAR , FCC PART 18 (Class B) , Class P, Type HL, Type 1 Outdoor
Carton Quantity: 40
Skid Quantity: 1000
Energy Star: No
RoHS Compliant: Yes
Lamps: (3/2) F17T8, F17T8U, F25T8, F25T8U, F32T8, F32T8U, (2) F40T8
Lamp Watts: 17-40
Frequency-Hertz: 47-63
Input Type: Single
Starting Method: Instant Start
Ballast Factor: 0.88-1.03
Power Factor: 0.94-0.99
Line Current (A): 0.14-0.75
Line Voltage (VAC): 120 ±10%
Input Power (W): 37-88
Dimming Method: Non Dimmable
Approvals: UL/935, CSA Certified (cUL)
Weight (lbs.): 1.3
Mounting (in.): 8.88
Length (in.): 9.5
Width (in.): 1.69
Height (in.): 1.16
Case Version: 2
Case Style: 12A
Case Material: Steel
Case Color: White
ProductClass: 3

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