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To protect and secure ourselves and our surroundings from harmful contaminates is essential in today’s world. To meet this requirement, Robertson Worldwide is please to offer our UV/Germicidal products, which incorporate high and normal power factor to serve several ‘pure’ applications.UV/Germicidal & Specialty

High Efficiency eBallast for 1 GPH810T5 UV Lamp, Program Start, 120-277Vac, HPF
As Low As $36.89
High Efficiency eBallast for 2/1 Germicidal Lamps, Program Start, 120-277Vac, 50-60Hz, HPF
Price $20.65
High efficiency eBallast for 2/1 UV Lamps, Program Start, 100-277Vac, 50-60Hz, HPF
As Low As $30.00
eBallast for 2 G10T5HO UV Lamps, Instant Start, 100-277Vac, 50-60Hz, HPF
As Low As $62.82
  REI264G6MV    /A
Germicidal eBallast for 2 GPH64T5 UV Lamps, Instant Start, 100-277Vac, 50-60Hz, Normal Ballast Factor, HPF
Price $58.95
  RSN1GPH20120  /BN
RSN1GPH20120 /BN
eBallast, Preheat Rapid Start, 1 Lamp, UV (GPH383T5), HPF, 120Vac, Type HL, UL Listed,
As Low As $10.55
SP2G4         /A
SP2G4 /A
mBallast, Germicidal, Preheat Start, NPF, 120Vac., 60Hz,
As Low As $17.39
  VT235         /A
VT235 /A
mTransformer, Stepdown, 277Vac Primary, 120Vac Secondary, 25VA Max Load,
As Low As $19.19
  VT572RT180    /A
VT572RT180 /A
mTransformer, Stepdown, 277 VAC Primary, 120 VAC Secondary, 275 VA Max Load
Price $103.95